Robert Brownell - Aspiring Web Developer


web design & development student

Who Am I?

I am just your regular neighborhood "adult" (the quotes are because my wife constantly tells me that I shouldn't be allowed to call myself that) trying to follow his dreams and carve out a spot in this ever changing landscape we call web development. I realized that I was interested in web development as a career when I was tasked with building a website for a previous employer. I searched high and low and couldn't find a theme that was exactly what they or I wanted. So I found one that sufficed and I started the biggest learning experience of my life thus far. I knew how I wanted certain things to behave (or not behave, STOP MOVING MY CONTENT) but I didn't know yet how to do it. Over the next couple months of putting this website together and learning the HTML and CSS I needed to make it pretty and function how I wanted it to, I came to the realization that I enjoy this. I enjoy creating something and trying to get it just right both in the look and how it functions. I enjoy the challenge of an ever changing and evolving field and I can't wait to dive head first into your project so we can let my passion and outside of the box thinking work for you.
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